ESSA Technologies

Rheology and Feel Modifiers

A line of natural based feel modifiers and gelling agents that improve stability while delivering exceptional spread profiles.

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Product Comments
ESSACHEM® BW A solid, Natural Sensory Complex™ that is ideal for gelling polar oils.
ESSACHEM® O A liquid, Natural Sensory Complex™ , ideal for a soft, light feel on skin and hair.
ESSACHEM® SOW A soft-solid, Natural Sensory Complex™ that liquifys on contact with the skin
ESSACHEM® AR-5 A super light liquid complex derived from Argan Oil that is ideal for lighter version of Argan oil.
ESSACHEM® SM A Natural Sensory Complex™ Spray Milk which is a low particle size complex designed to offer exceptional sensory properties and moisturization in low viscosity formulations for skin and hair.