Film Formers, Moisturizers, Conditioners and Glossing Agents

Products formed by a unique technology producing a complex polyester resulting in high glossing properties that impart a healthy glow in cosmetic applications.

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TriangleTHE ZENIGLOSS PLATFORM is a unique technology that produces a complex polyester formed by a unique two-step process. In step one, castor oil is polymerized with succinic acid. The result is a branched polymer that provides good adhesion qualities for pigments, excellent barrier formation, with long-lasting emolliency. Step two is a capping reaction, in which residual hydroxyl groups are reacted wit isostearic acid. This step creates a polyester, resulting in a high-gloss polymer, that, when added to a finished product, imparts a healthy glow to skin, sun, color, and hair.




Zenimer CircleTHE ZENIMER PLATFORM is the exciting achievement of our efforts to alter the polarity and molecular flexibility of a class of compounds specifically developed to be multifunctional. Phase one of this breakthrough technology is the reaction of any natural oil into a compound suitable for skin care. Phase two is the creation of a water soluble 6000-molecular weight silicone. The final phase is the synergistic self-assembling combination of the separate compounds to form the Zenimer group of products. These go clear onto any formula, and can be used in hair, skin, and sun applications.




THE ZENESTER PLATFORM provides a series of high molecular weight Q6,000) polymeric silicone polyesters, some of which are water soluble and non-ionic. They are compatible with cationic and anionic systems. These branched polymers leave no buildup on hair and provide the high molecular weight needed for skin and sun care. They go clear into a formula and act as couplers in oil/water or water/oil emulsions. The Zenester platform includes a micro-emulsion and a quaternized product.



Zeniwax RectangleTHE ZENIWAX PLATFORM allows us to alter the properties of our natural ingredients. Octyl Dodecanol is derived from coconut oil, and all waxes used in our process are USP quality and 100% pure. Oils derived from fruit and nut oils are cold pressed to retain naturally occurring antioxidant and other attributes. Zenibee Cream is the basis for this technology. This reaction forms a product that melts at body temperature, has superb barrier qualities, outstanding skin feel, and excellent emolliency.




Zenerbet is a reaction of dimer alcohol, dimer acid and Octyl Dodecanol. This 10,000 molecular weight Guerbet polymer is an excellent barrier product and may be used in hair, skin, sun and color applications.