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Skincare the way nature intended™

Natural Film Forming Complexes™

  • Natural Alternatives to:

    Synthetic Copolymers

  • Available in:

    Oil Soluble Liquid

All natural polymers built from all natural ingredients to a targeted molecular weight that optimises and balances the desired film substantivity, feel and gloss profile.

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Our Natural Sources:

  • Canola
  • Castor Oil
  • Wheat

Extended wear and water resistance

The natural based polymers have a strong affinity in polar oils, measurable substantivity allowing for an all natural film claim.

Oil soluble liquid

Ease of process, doesn’t require heat or emulsifiers and soluble in polar oils.

Soft afterfeel

Traditional synthetic film formers impede a soft silky spread on skin and hair. The natural based polymers eliminate a tacky non desirable sensory profile of synthetic polymers.

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