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Skincare the way nature intended™

Functional Cleansing Additives

  • Natural Alternatives to:


  • Available in:

    Bath & Shower
    Micellar System
    Use with Essential Oil

About ⅓ of customers today consciously avoids sulfates in products. We designed naturally sourced cleansing additives that not only replaces sulfates, but are functionally superior. Derived from amino acids, proteins and fatty alcohols found in fruits and vegetables, our additives enhance performance and benefits of cleansing products naturally.

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Our Natural Sources:

  • Apple
  • Beet
  • Coconut
  • Rock Sugar

Multi-in-1 features

Naturally deliver conditioning, shine, moisturisation and texture from a single based sulfate-free, cleansing system. Create elegant, high foaming bath and hair preparations that incorporate high levels of one or many essential oils.

Clear and moisturizing micellar water

How to infuse natural oils to micellar system without separation or cloudiness? Our natural additives create a micro-emulsions with moisturizing oils, enabling a crystal clear appearance for micellar water products that leave soft and hydrating feel on skin.

Rich lather using only natural means

Our proprietary system makes it possible for natural cleansing products to generate rich, creamy and stable lather. Our cleansing additives exhibit superior foam performance to traditional sulphate, even in the presence of natural oils.

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