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Skincare the way nature intended™

Natural Moisturizing Complexes™

  • Natural Alternatives to:

    Mineral Oil / Petrolatum
    Peg / EO

  • Available in:

    Custom Butter
    All Vegetable
    Beeswax Based

Sourced from natural waxes, our Natural Moisturizing Complexes™ deliver outstanding skin feel and extended moisturization without greasiness. elegant all-natural alternative to conventional types of moisturizers for a wide range of skin and sun care applications.

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Our Natural Sources:

  • Beeswax
  • Candelilia
  • Coconut
  • Rapeseed

Customizable exotic butters

We enhance your brand story by incorporating any natural ingredient of your choice into a skincare preparation. Our all-vegetable complexes hold in even the most difficult essential oils, keeping them solubilized and stabilized in any type of emulsions. The resulting product retains the natural fragrance of essential oils.

All natural, no synthetics

Our all-vegetable complexes deliver excellent moisturization and emolliency comparable to that of beeswax. It’s a natural, functionally superior alternative to conventional types of moisturizers. With a pared-down and adaptable design, it allows elegant formulation with simple ingredients.

Non greasy feel, rapid absorption

Our moisturizing complexes melts on skin contact. Unlike the greasiness associated with shea or coconut butter, it spreads well and absorbs quickly leaving only outstanding skin feel.

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