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Skincare the way nature intended™

Natural Sensory Complexes™

  • Natural Alternatives to:


  • Available in:

    Spray Milk

From featherlight to silky to enriched - the right sensory profile determines the success of a product. Sourced from natural oils, our Natural Sensory Complexes™ deliver outstanding texture without silicone. Versatile and customizable, our feel modifiers enable you to target specific sensory profile so you can easily meet market trends and preferences.

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Our Natural Sources:

  • Argan
  • Coconut
  • Jojoba
  • Olive
  • Rapeseed
  • Sacha Inchi
  • Wheat

Customizable texture

For a targeted sensory profile. Create elegant serum, lotion, cream or body butter variations with the simplicity of fewer ingredients. Deliver the desired sensory, specific to your targeted skin type.

Process flexibility

You can create your entire skincare portfolio through a traditional hot two phase process or a new innovative single phase cold process. Simplicity of fewer ingredients will allow the development of a variety of natural skincare products delivered through a single template base formulation. Being simple is being beautiful.

Emulsifier free milk complex

A shortcut to creating a natural skincare line. Avoid the soap effects associated with traditional high emulsifier based skincare systems. Use the milk complex as a delivery system for temperature sensitive actives, essential oils and other ingredients.

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